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PZL TS-8 Bies BI, a Polish trainer aircraft in 1957, developed by a team of engineering under the direction of T. So┼étyka; cantilevered low-wing single-engine, retractable landing gear in flight trójpodporowe, metal construction, the first flight of a prototype of the TS-8 Bies P1 - 23 Jul 1955 , Series 10 exam information, the first Polish post-war airplane engine, in the late fifties and sixties, these aircraft were in the Polish Air Force basic training school and equipment; radial engine cylinder 7-WN-3 with a capacity of 243 kW (330 hp). Variations: TS-8 Bies BII, trainer aircraft in 1958, mass-produced in WSK PZL Mielec; version without arms, a series of 229 copies, total production of the variant TS-8 Bies BIII - 239 copies; radial 7-cylinder WN-3 with a capacity of 243 kW (330 hp); span of 10.5 m, length 8.55 m, height 3 m, pow. Carrier 19.1 m2 empty weight 1245 kg, 1559 kg total, max speed 310 km / h, ceiling 6000 m, range 725 km, TS-8 Bies BIII, trainer aircraft from 1960, the last production version with minor changes construction.


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