Galeria - BĄK II -powered glider

In the "Step 1" to present to prepare for the production of metal constructions, powered sailplane BAK II.
Specifically, we present the visualization of the production files.
Stage 1

plans / pedals

elements of the pedal / visual components ready to be cut

plans / lower landing gear fittings

visualization / lower landing gear fittings

plans / roll holder and roll the elevator

visualization / roll holder and roll the elevator

plans / rudder lever

visualization / rudder lever

plans / pilot stripes

visualization / remote parts belts

plans / shifter

visualization / shifter

plans / fitting bearing wings

visualization / ferrule carrier wing

plans / node fitting winger

visualization / node fitting winger

plans / differential ailerons

visualization / differential ailerons

plans / fitting articulated rolls

visualization / fitting articulated rolls

plans / aileron hinges

plans / aileron hinges

plans / aileron lever

visualization / aileron lever