Get familiar with planned and already finished projects.

Our motto: Persistence and Perfection in Action

We make all our efforts to start new projects in order to enrich Polish Aviation in a greater heritage.

The Reconstruction of BĄK II (motoglider) - technical arrangements and designing process.
Currently, we start the reconstruction of the professional motoglider (BĄK II), a great construction designed in 1938 by Anthony Kocjan, the engineer. Its performance and technical advancement were 20 years ahead of the development of motogliders in the world.

Fortunately, we have found original pre-war construction designs. Currently, we work on adjusting the designs to particular programs in order to make a precise reconstruction of a motoglider.
The Reconstruction of RWD-9 - data and designing
Currently, we start the reconstruction of one of the greatest designs of Polish aviation of all times! In 1934 Polish planes were undefeated during the "Challenge International des Avions de Tourisme" – the International Tourist Plane Contest. Two Polish crews came as first and second.

Unfortunately, none of the prototypes have survived. Neither the designs did. But we will not stop looking for any of these. Also, it will not be an obstacle for us in the skies wonder reconstruction. We suggest you to take a look at the designs, as sooner or later, this project will be a subject of many discussions in the aviation world.
YAKOVLEV YAK-11 - under construction
We have started the project in 2008 and it is still under construction. This process is persistent, as the aim is to build the exact plane; to make it perfect. Hopefully, this will be noticeable in various international competitions.

Currently we are looking for people or companies that could support the accomplishment of the design. If interested, contact us. (SEE MORE PICTURES)
That was the first project accomplished by our Foundation. Bies will be a pride of the skies for many years. (SEE MORE PICTURES)