This section has been made for fans of aviation.
Here, you have a chance to take a look at reconstruction and restoration process.

You can see the updated technical information of workshop’s progress.

ALTITUDE FIN JAK-11 2/11/2010 - 02-12-2010

For the sake of more detailed inspection - dismantling of the whole gear.
Cleaning and selecting parts useful worth recuperating.
Making duplicates of some parts and restoring the rest.
Assembling ready elements.

SURGE TANK 2/11/2010 - 02-11-2010
Perfect condition.
Body / JAK-11 - 02-11-2010
Chassis components / JAK-11 - 06-07-2010
Removing the covers of the wheels.
ASH-21 / Jak-11 ENGINE from 2007 until 12/02/2010 - 12-02-2010
JAK-11 STEERING GEAR from 2007 until 20/12/2009 - 20-12-2009
Here, the whole process of gear’s restoration is presented.
You can see yourself the results. (SEE MORE PICTURES)

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